New firmware 1.0.6: Notifications

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New firmware 1.0.6: Notifications

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We are glad to release a new firmware version 1.0.6 that allows you to receive notifications on your T-WATCH-2020. You can see a little demo in this video

Companion app
This functionality requires a companion app for Android (sorry, no iOS) that can be downloaded from the PlayStore. ...

The companion app requires some permissions to work properly.
  • Location access to enable bluetooth scanning
  • Notification access to read notifications and send them to the watch
  • Turn off battery optimization, to allow app run in the background
If you want to enable notifications, please follow the steps below.
  • On web: Enable the "Bluetooth" switch in the "Settings" tab
  • On web: Rebuild the firmware and install the new version on your watch
  • On phone: Open the companion app on the phone and press the "Scan for T-WATCH" button
  • On watch: Turn on your watch. If everything works fine, your phone will display a "T-WATCH linked" message
  • On phone: You could made some test with the "Test Notifications" button
If all works fine, when your phone receives a notification you can now read it on your watch

Enjoy !!! 8-)

IMPORTANT: Sadly ESP32 does not have enough free RAM to handle Bluetooth and HTTPS secure connections at the same time. Because of this, when Bluetooth is enabled all the internet connections (like "Updater") must be made over unencrypted HTTP.
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