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New Web Uploader

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We are happy to share with you our new feature: the Web Uploader.

With this new functionality you can program your watch using only your browser. If your browser is compatible (only Chrome or Edge for now) you will see two new buttons: "Upload" and "Console"


The "Console" button works like the Arduino serial console, showing all the data sent by the watch. Useful if you want to debug problems.

The "Upload" button emulates the "" tool and loads your latest compiled firmware onto your watch using the USB serial port.

To program your watch you only need to select the "Upload" button. When you select this button the system will show you a selector for the USB COM port to be used. In this case it is only for devices with Vendor ID 0x10c4 (ESP32). Other devices will not be shown.


Once you selected the port, the uploader will start to download the required firmware and upload them to your watch.


If everything works fine, you will see the new program start on your watch.

  • Please keep in mind that the uploader only uploads the firmware (program) and not the assets (images, sound files). If you need to upload assets you must use the watch's WiFi uploader.
  • If you have problems with Google Chrome, please try with the "Incognito" mode. This is to prevent extensions from interfering with the downloads
This functionality is still a BETA development. Use at your own risk !!!

If you have problems or suggestions, please share it on the forum

We hope you like this new feature :D

The TWatch Builder Team
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