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New firmware 1.0.13

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 2:05 am
by mchavez
There is a new release with some optimizations:
  • Updates to the last version of the T-WATCH-2020 LilyGO libraries
  • Fix crash error when no alarm is configured. This was caused by gpio_wakeup_enable with RTC_INT_PIN not properly configured
  • Fix random crash error when change frequency. This was caused by a frequency change when the device is sleeping to optimize battery, but this action random resets the device from time to time. Now there is no frequency change, the device frequency remains always the same.
  • Add TIME_RES_SECOND_BLINK time resolution.
  • Add TIME_RES_SECOND sprite drawing.
  • Alarm with sound support
  • New status bar on watch menu. This can be enabled/disabled with the "StatusBar" setting switch.