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New Google Tasks app

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We released a new app that allows you to manage your Google Tasks list directly in your watch. This app requires WiFi to connect and a authorization code provided by Google.

You can find it at the Store as "Google Tasks".

If you want to give it a try, please go to, login into your account, copy all the code provided and paste it into the "const char* __token" variable of the code. If you are warned about a "non verified app" when login, please ignore it and select the "advanced configuration" link to continue.

How it works?
This app allows you to manage all your pending tasks in your watch. For this the app has two screens. The first screen will display all of your available lists. To select a list, press and hold it. Then the application will load a second screen with all the pending tasks created in the selected list.

To mark a task as completed, simply press and hold it and it will disappear from the screen. If you see your list in Google you can see it mark as "completed".

We hope you find this app useful.

The TWatchBuilder Team
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