New firmware 1.0.4

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New firmware 1.0.4

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Firmware version 1.0.4 is available. The new features are:
  • New alarm with buzzer. Look for the "Alarm" app to see an example
  • The "StandardClock" class has been improved to generate clocks with text and fonts
  • New "AudioPlayer" class for easier MP3 playback
  • New methods to load and save internal settings in the app. Both methods are called automatically by the app
    • The load method receive a JsonDocument with the data
    • The save method save the data to a JsonDocument

    Code: Select all

    void __load(JsonDocument& doc) {
      if (doc.containsKey("data")) {
        __data = doc["data"].as<int>();
    void __save(JsonDocument& doc) {
      doc["data"] = __data;
For a complete example look for the "Hogwarts clock"

We hope you like it

The TwatchBuilder Team
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